About Us

Who, What, and Why

In 1999 we started a company for an online real estate platform. Our team developed the system and launched way ahead of consumer acceptance for using the internet for real estate buying and selling. 

You see our business was to revolutionize online real estate which in 1999 which did not exist. Realtors road around with huge volumes of books with all the property pictures and listings. Most if any computer access was via a dedicated line for a licensed Realtor who had subscriptions to the MLS or FMLS systems. Some even had to use dedicated computers. “For Sale By Owner” used local publications which limited who saw their properties for sale. Buyers were really restricted on how and where they could search for real estate to buy. Buyers also missed out on buying properties they were willing to pay market price because they could not see what other buyers were offering. 

Our system was to liberate not only realtors but to be a one stop shop for both buyers and sellers of any type of real estate. Our system was and is an Online Real Estate Listing and Auction System where property can be listed for sale as in a listing system or auctioned via online platform. Now such a system seems almost commonplace. We had the foresight to apply for and received a United State Patent for Online Real Estate Auction and Online Real Estate Listing Platform. The only company to have done so. 

Before we operated under the internet name www.zugbugauctions.com but we are working to revamp and relaunch our platform under a new name. So stay turned as they say.

The only one stop Real estate Solution

The future is here now with on stop real estate selling and buying with a HTS platform.  Technology has now come to the real estate buying/selling process in a way that no other company has yet to offer.